About us



Providing quality, holistic education to develope children into well rounded, socially responsible and confident citizens


Pallikoodam will meet its vision through

Whole child development curriculum, encompassing all aspects of childrens’ growth

An eco-system that allows every child to develop based on their ability and at their own pace

Quality in curriculum, educators and tools



  Pallikoodam is the brain child of Mrs. SuganthiSanthanam, a former Principal of VaniVidyalaya, Chennai and a trained Montessori teacher from the famous Padma Seshadri group of schools.

 She believes in and emphasizes on the need of good early education for every child. She is also the recipient of Best Principal award from Lions Club Madras East and Outstanding Primary Teacher award from CBSE Chennai cluster.


We Belive

 Every child is a gift of god endowed with their unique ability of learning.

 We should provide an environment for the child to feel a sense of freedom.

 The parents are the first educator and they should be encouraged to get involved

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